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Paradise Lost: The Sun City Anthem Story

This website was created to make Paradise Lost: The Sun City Anthem Story available in e-book format for residents of Sun City Anthem, located in Henderson, Nevada. This story starts with the abrupt change in the quality of governance that ensued following transition from developer control to the election of the first all member board of directors in 2007. The story continues with what some may view as even more egregious examples of board misconduct. Instead of acknowledging and taking responsibility for such misconduct, successive boards have either ignored the issue or engaged in efforts to cover up the misconduct. While no one was ever accused of absconding with association assets, statutes that governed the community were breached and something even more valuable was lost, namely, the trust that our elected volunteers would not deliberately engage in acts of wrongdoing.

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To read already posted pages and chapters of the e-book, use the Link in the upper left hand menu, Read Paradise Lost. To learn why I wrote this book, click on the Acknowledgments Link. The Prologue Link sets the stage for the ten chapters of Part One, "The Villa Reserves Fraud."

The Untold Story

To learn the gripping, tell-all details surrounding the events that led to that fateful day in January 2010 that led to the unjustified and unlawful arrests of two highly respected SCA residents, Robert Frank and Tim Stebbins, you must read, "The Untold Story," by clicking here.

Latest Update: 2 April: Prologue for Part III, The Arrests of Robert Frank and Tim Stebbins. Note: Part I and Part II (on The Mystery Surrounding the Outcome of the IRS Tax Audit) are completed. The content is available only for reading online or for downloading to your desktop computer.

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